Some Clash of Clans Strategies You May Find Useful

Some Clash of Clans Strategies You May Find Useful


Are you in a clan?  Do you play Clash of Clans religiously?  Are you looking for tips and tricks that you can add to your extensive knowledge of the game?  More often then not, even experienced players will lose track of everything there is to know regarding Clash of Clans.

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This is because Clash of Clans is a game that appears easy to play, but can take several years to master.  Like chess, Clash of Clans offers a great deal of variability making it an excellent and fun game to play.  Below are some Clash of Clans strategies that you may find useful.  With any luck, they will make you a better player.



Protecting Collectors


When you are playing, you are a champion.  What happens when you go to sleep however?  Instead of keeping your workers out, you should consider protecting them when you are away.  Although you may get less resources as a result, you will also lose much less incase you are attacked.  If nothing else, consider doing a cost benefit analysis.  If you will make more then you will lose if attached, then keep them out.  If not, then pull them in.
Wall Intersections

Upgrading walls is a great way to add to your defensive abilities.  When upgrading walls, consider upgrading your wall intersections first.  Why?  Well, a wall intersection connects several different areas together, and as a result it is a tempting target.  By securing these pivotal connectors first, you decrease the chance that they will be targeted, opening an even bigger hole into your defenses.





Defenses are best placed when no building is outside their protection.  That being said, it is important to keep things both spread out, but not cramped as well.  Given area of effect damage in Clash of Clans, having some spacing makes it significantly easier to remain alive.


In addition to placement, consider putting air defenses in the center of your base in the late game.  Before air becomes something you should be worrying about, consider mortars, as their area of effect is amazing in the early game.



Clan Castle


The best way to make a clan castle pointless is to lure out all the troops.  The best way to stop this from happening is to place your clan castle in the middle of your base to make luring out your troops harder.





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Clash of Clans hack guide

Clash of Clans hack guide .Following the latest trends in the industry allot of people started playing clash of clans. I’m sure every player has done allot of crazy things in the game like training without any strategies allot of troops .THe steps for building a great strategyy it’s easy. The first step is to not train all your archers.If you believe or not the archer isn’t the best way to go.The archers are not like the other troops like barbarians and they will be eliminated quickly by high level units like wizzard tower and mortar . The best strategy is to keep 2 baracks on training barbarians and also it’s recommended to use Healing spells.

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The other factors are to build defensive buildings so the enemy will be in their range. When you attack a different clan , you should focus only on destroying their Townhall and ignoring the rest of the enemy’s building. You do not want your troops to attack gold deposits instead of important buildings.If in an attack you ran out of barbarians you should distract the enemy attention with the archers and use the spells to take advantage of the game.If you want to have the greatest strategy you need to save your gems. Gems are expensive and hard to get. You get them if you win games against other players or you succeed in some missions. The best way to get free gems is to use a software called Clash of clans hack . This software created by a hacking team it’s the only program that can help you get free gems without buying them. The gems can be used for everything , building buildings , training troops faster , or workers that can allow you to build and train faster. So go and download the clash of clans hack tool now so you can generate huge amounts of gems fast.

Now we will talk about how to use the spells. Use the spells in clash of clans only if it’s necessary,as they are expensive and takes allot of resources as elixirs.

The next logical step would be upgrading the town hall.When you have a good level town hall level you can steal the opponent resources when you defeat them. This is it guys. In conclusion , train barbarians, defensive buildings,get gems using clash of clans hack tool, and upgrade the Town hall.

Good luck with the clash of clans !